Unified Connectivity

Using the new UConn Service Gateway, Interoute extends the core network out to the enterprise premises and can deliver any connectivity service be it MPLS VPN, VPLS based Ethernet, Internet or dedicated service capability such as a SIP trunk or data extension over any access technology, as illustrated above. These services can be delivered individually or in multiples, enabling IT departments to select a different service mix on a site-by-site basis.Taking into account the depth of coverage, range of services offered and the way that services are abstracted from physical access Unified Connectivity is unique in the market place today.

Unified Connectivity (UConn) is a revolution in WAN outsourcing that eliminates the dependence on access technology and creates a dynamic connectivity environment for the enterprise. UConn is an integrated connectivity platform that allows an IT manager to securely deliver any voice, computing and data service(s), over any access type. It redefines the approach to ICT service provisioning by giving the IT manager a scalable, secure and unconstrained connectivity platform on which they can build their services. This dramatically reduces the complexity at the network edge, smooths migrations and enables IT departments to implement network changes to answer the immediate business needs, rather than when the 3 to 5 year procurement cycle allows it.



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