Gilbane Webinar Solving the Puzzle of Global Digital Engagement



How Digital Marketers Can Transform Complexity Into Opportunity


The fundamental value of using digital content and technologies to develop and maintain relationships with customers is no longer a matter of debate. The biggest issues facing digital marketing organization today relate to execution. The myriad of engagement variables and the multiple options for each create complexity that can pose problems for even the savviest of global digital marketers.

In this webinar, Scott Liewehr, lead WCM analyst with Outsell’s Gilbane Services, shows digital marketing managers and executives how to:

  • Bring stability to the variables that create complexity.
  • Influence engagement impact with localization, individualization, optimization, socialization, and channelization.
  • Support business goals that include time to market, efficiency, consistency, and relevancy.

This is a can’t-miss webinar for anyone who wants to remove the mystery and anxiety of delivering high-value interactions that lead to engagement.

About the Speaker: Scott Liewehr

As Lead Analyst in Gilbane’s Web Content Management (WCM) practice, Scott Liewehr works with enterprise clients on projects ranging from needs assessments and technology acquisitions to strategy and planning.

With more than 15 years’ experience, Scott is a recognized thought leader in the field of content management, regularly speaking, conducting workshops and writing on the subject. He is also the elected President of CM Pros, the international association of content management professionals, and has served on the Board of Directors since 2009.

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