BizTalk 2013 launch event

BizTalk 2013 launch event Belgium – Codit

Join the European Microsoft BizTalk 2013 launch on May 29th and be ready for the future!

BizTalk 2013 is out! With next generation features. Taking your business on a successful integration journey. On premises, or in the cloud. And did you hear about the brand new Windows Azure BizTalk Services, the cloud-based BizTalk Service? Discover more at this first BizTalk 2013 launch event in Belgium.

Partner of the global Microsoft Integration Alliance "IMPACK", Codit organizes the European edition of the global BizTalk 2013 launch in Belgium – preceded by Breeze in Australia and in parallel with Matricis in North-America.  

Why attend?

Integration is not just connecting systems. Business integration is astrategyto differentiate, win from competition and be ready for more. With the new features of BizTalk 2013, you can:

  • maximize existing IT investments
  • connect disparate systems and processes
  • react even faster and achieve real-time integration with new business partners
  • be ready for growth, future-proof
  • reduce the cost of integration

The Codit BizTalk 2013 launch event is organized in collaboration with Microsoft.

What you will learn


  • What is new in Microsoft BizTalk Server 2013? New features !
  • The new cloud capabilities of BizTalk 2013
  • BizTalk 2013 & its new adapters
  • Demonstration of the Nevatech SOA governance tool called Sentinet – a flexible and scalable solution for the SOA governance of your BizTalk (or Azure) integration environment
  • Exclusively discover Windows Azure BizTalk Services (WABS) – Hear from the experts: Codit is selected Microsoft launch partner of WABS and is one of the first partners worldwide to incorporate these innovative services as a core component in its solution.

Who should attend? 

CIO, CTO, Business Decision Maker, Technical Architect

Discover how BizTalk 2013 gets you to & through the future – register now for May 29th via

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