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[Partner info] Welke trends ziet u in de IT-sector, vandaag en morgen?

The current trend is the further development of the digital path to meet the needs and requirements of clients (including our bank agents and our brokers) and businesses.

We must enable clients to obtain information, simulate offers, obtain products or call on services through the channels that best suit their needs.

We need to evolve towards greater simplicity and agility in the way we conduct our activities.


André Vanden Camp, COO IT & Business Transformation

Hoe speelt uw bedrijf in op deze trends?

AXA develops new products and services which respond to clients’ expectations, such as our mobile banking service, our online offers and our D@ylife Protect insurance which also provides cover against the risks associated with the Internet. ?We aim to increase the visibility and the contact possibilities for our partners (bank agents and brokers) towards their clients through an innovative websolution. ?In-house, all of our incoming and outgoing documents are electronically administered to make sure they are linked to the right case record files and are forwarded to the right people. We are also upgrading our methods of operation by implementing new tools that make it easier for our staff to perform their duties any time, any place.


Zullen cloud computing en/of nieuwe mobiele toestellen de rol van IT veranderen? En zo ja, hoe?

These new technologies offer huge potential. At AXA for instance, cloud computing allows us to have our data hosted and have them at our fingertips at any time. It also enables us to call on services made available by a supplier in the cloud, rather than ourselves (re-)inventing the tools we need – such as a CRM software or database. The mobile devices in turn also add to that, making it easy to retrieve data and call on services. It is quite revolutionary but not without its own set of challenges, specifically in terms of security and accessibility. Our business activities too are seen to evolve in order to enable us to offer our clients new possibilities through these new technologies. Equally we need to safeguard ourselves against the downsides of this new extreme availability, which is synonymous with a considerable degree of exposure to fraud and embezzlement.

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