Windows Server 2012: Always Up and Always On [partner info]

Windows Server 2012 is designed to maximize your business productivity, efficiency and service. We’ve built in improved resiliency able to handle any workload, as well as protection against a wide range of failure scenarios and features to help you recover quickly if an incident does take place.

Continuous availability that’s easy to manage
Windows Server 2012 is the perfect solution for individual servers, server clusters or even an entire datacenter: 


  • Individual Servers: It includes NIC Teaming – combining multiple network connections in parallel – for improved network performance and availability. It also requires minimal updates and permits faster Chkdsk, reducing fix time from hours to seconds.
  • Server Clusters: It provides improved availability as well as cost- and management-efficiency through cluster aware updating with little or no downtime, Active-Active file server clusters, and transparent DHCP failover.
  • Datacenters: It uses Hyper-V Replica, an extremely affordable, reliable and manageable replication solution that works with any service, network or storage vendor. Of course, it also provides easy access to online backup services.

Forward-thinking innovations for flexible storage
Storage can be a major IT cost-driver. Windows Server 2012 introduces new, forward-thinking innovations to make storage complexity easier to manage and more cost-effective than ever. It also provides a range of storage features and choices for enhanced reliability, availability and performance:

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  • Storage virtualization and conservation: It comes with Storage Spaces, a cost-effective way to build resilient, scalable and high-performing storage solutions. It also uses a 64 TB VHDX format, creates data deduplication and uses thin provisioning and trim.
  • High performance storage: It provides Offline Data Transfer (ODX), SMB Direct and Multi-Channel, as well as BranchCache.
  • Storage choices: It provides choices such as iSCSI target, NFS, Virtual Fibre Channel, Resilient File System (ReFS) and a variety of File and Storage Services.

Windows Server 2012 – powerful technology designed to provide you with a powerful, agile and cost-effective way to address the latest IT trends and meet your business needs.


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