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7 technologische uitdagingen voor het salesdepartement

[Whitepaper] De salesafdeling kent heel wat uitdagingen. In deze whitepaper wordt uit de doeken gedaan hoe die met behulp van technologie kunnen worden opgelost.
[whitepaper title="L'évolution du département des ventes" thumb_url="http://contentz.mkt6278.com/lp/21028/166879/EASI.jpg" download_url="http://www.pages02.net/minocmediaservices/whitepaper/20160525_EASI"]Sales departments have a lot of challenges. Sellers are often on the road. You do not know their working hours and communication within the team is often inaccurate.In addition, cooperation with other teams is difficult. In many organizations, departments of marketing and sales, live on two different planets.We believe that this is not inevitable. Just as technology makes our lives easier, it can also streamline the sales department and greatly improve benefits. In addition, it can also facilitate the task of your sales staff. For this, the tablets are the ideal instrument.In this white paper, we will review the seven key challenges of the sales departments and we show how a tablet app can be remedied.[/whitepaper]

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