Obtaining a holistic view of customers

[Partner info] Insights from the Direct Marketing Association Webinar Series “Big Digital Data, Visualization and Answering the Question: Why?”

Many digital-savvy marketers have long been frustrated in their attempts to achieve a comprehensive, forward-looking understanding of customers. Part of the challenge has been the siloed nature and varying structures of digital data sources. Another part has been the limitations of Web analytics tools that aggregate and report on what happened in the past, but lack the sophistication of predictive marketing analytics.

Obtaining a holistic view of customers is a classic big data problem that requires you to capture, prepare, manage, integrate and analyze huge amounts of digital data. This paper – based on a webinar hosted by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and sponsored by SAS – takes a look at how advancements in analytics, data visualization and big data processing power can help you become more predictive and prescriptive in your digital and integrated marketing efforts.



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